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Star information | xing samsung won three national invention patent license

Recently, learned from the national intellectual Property Office, xing Samsung independent research and development of fire inside flat open hardware hinge, used at doors and Windows processing molding spraying equipment, used at hardware processing of the surface treatment device to obtain national invention patent authorization.

Invention: Fireproof inner flush window refractory hardware hinge
Patent Number: ZL202110060376.1
Characteristics: The invention relates to the technical field of fireproof inner flat Windows, in line with the technical Code for the Application of fire-resistant Doors and Windows in buildings T/BCMA 004-2021; The fire-resistant inner flat open hardware hinge focuses the locking function directly on the hinge side, reducing the manufacturing cost while providing a diversified solution of self-locking function.

Name of invention: Spraying equipment for processing and forming doors and Windows
Patent Number: ZL2021 1 1072526.7
Features: The invention relates to a spraying equipment used for the processing and forming of doors and Windows, which has the ability to automatically generate spraying path data and is suitable for various types of doors and Windows without manual programming, thus improving the processing efficiency.

Name of invention: surface treatment device for hardware processing
Patent Number: ZL202111072532.2
Features: the surface treatment device for hardware processing can increase the convenience and stability of pipe inner wall painting, improve the convenience and stability of pipe inner and outer wall painting, and improve the efficiency of pipe inner and outer wall painting.

Xingsamsung has always attached great importance to technology research and development and intellectual property work, combining technology research and development with intellectual property to create a good intellectual property protection atmosphere. Company integration of internal R & D resources, set up a technology RESEARCH and development center, technology research and development team nearly 100 people, to the national high-tech enterprises, enterprise research and development center as a basis, vigorously carry out technology research and development work, actively participate in the compilation of national and industrial standards, chief editor of Zhejiang manufacturing standards, and won the Zhejiang manufacturing standard certification; Actively applied for and obtained authorization for national invention patents, appearance patents and utility model patents, and obtained 58 authorized patents in 2021, with a year-on-year increase of more than 100%. In 2022, Samsung will invest in research and development of door and window hardware, door control hardware, point support curtain wall hardware, stainless steel guardrail, window opening and other categories of products. More than 20 new door control hardware and point support curtain wall hardware are advancing in an orderly manner as planned.

The future, and samsung will continuously invest in technology research and development, is committed to creating a professional, efficient and powerful hing samsung r&d team, to explore efficient scientific research achievements into productive forces, in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the research and development, to constantly optimize the product production and improve product quality to provide technical support, to provide more product of the soul, more thoughtful products and services.