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Star Information | media focus -- Xing Samsung's digital development has entered a new chapter

Since the production of Samsung Haining headquarters base in 2019, it has accelerated the digital construction of the plant and achieved remarkable results. On September 17, Haining daily gave a detailed introduction to the digital construction of xingsamsung in "new engine for industrial quality improvement, new business card for green development, Jianshan into a new journey of high-quality development", which fully affirmed the digital process of xingsamsung.

The output of a sliding support hinge used to cost 11 manpower, but now it can be completed by only one automatic assembly machine and four workers;

One aluminum profile conveyor can realize flexible processing, and can produce multiple series of aluminum rods in any range of 300 ~ 1600mm. The production capacity is increased from 3000 pieces / person / day to 10000 pieces / person / day, and the efficiency is increased by more than 3 times;
One chute (slide rail) flexible production line can quickly replace more than 20 specifications, and the production capacity is increased from 10000 pieces / person / day to 24000 pieces / person / day;

The stamping die adopts advanced CAD, CAE and cam digital simulation design software to develop a large-scale precision progressive stamping die. The maximum length of the die can reach 3M, including 25 processes, and integrates complex precision processes to realize one-time stamping forming from raw materials to semi-finished products.

Digital construction not only saves labor costs, improves production capacity and quality, but also improves the technical added value of labor-intensive products.
At present, the phase I project of Xingxing Samsung Haining headquarters has been put into high-end equipment such as automatic coating line, automatic powder spraying line, automatic integrated punch, automatic assembly line and intelligent robot large-scale die-casting production line, and equipped with perfect testing equipment and scientific research equipment. There are 830 large, medium and small-sized equipment, covering an area of about 105000 square meters, which can achieve a daily output of 80000 sliding supports, die-casting aluminum There are 500000 sets of zinc alloy accessories and 180000 spraying parts per day. The results of cost reduction, quality improvement and efficiency increase are remarkable, which has injected new vitality into the production of the plant.
Thanks to more than 30 years of experience and technology, after increasing the investment in digitization, all departments cooperate in manufacturing and transparent management of production process, so as to realize the leapfrog development of Samsung's production efficiency; A smart factory with high adaptability and efficient utilization of resources has been established as a whole. The fast and efficient product supply capacity provides a strong guarantee to meet the needs of customers and improves the company's competitiveness in industrial transformation and development.
After digitization was included in the 14th five year plan and 2035 vision, xingsamsung actively responded to the call of the state. Now the seeds of digitization have taken root in xingsamsung.

In addition to the digital construction of phase I of Haining headquarters, the company plans to apply advanced automatic storage and distribution systems to phase II construction. After phase II is put into operation, xingsamsung will become one of the largest hardware manufacturers of doors, windows and curtain walls in China.