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Star information | Key-point selected for 2021 jiaxing gazelle enterprise

Recently, by the jiaxing industrial transformation and upgrading leading group review, Xing SAN Nebula Technology Co., Ltd. was selected as 2021 Jiaxing Gazelle enterprises.

Gazelle enterprise

"Gazelle enterprises" refer to small and medium-sized enterprises that have crossed the death Valley and entered the high growth stage with the support of technological innovation or business model innovation. The scope of identification is mainly industrial fields in line with the development direction of national and provincial strategic emerging industries, covering emerging industries, new-generation information technology (including big data, Internet of Things and cloud computing, high-end software, Internet), biological health, artificial intelligence, financial technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, consumption upgrading and other fields.

According to the explanation of Silicon Valley, "gazelle enterprises" are high-growth enterprises, which have the same characteristics as "gazelle" -- small, fast, jump high, these enterprises not only can easily exceed the annual growth rate of double, ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times more, but also can quickly achieve an IPO. The greater the number of gazelle enterprises in a region, the stronger the innovation vitality and the faster the development speed of the region.

Since the headquarters of Key-point Haining went into production in 2019, it has received strong support from Haining city and Jianshan New Area, and the enterprise has entered a period of rapid development. In 2021, the output value of Samsung will increase by more than 30%, the compound growth rate of main business income over 30% and the compound growth rate of profit and tax over 25% in the past two years. The second-phase production base project of Haining Headquarters is advancing as planned, and it is planned to be put into operation in 2022. After the second-phase production base is put into operation, it is expected to realize an output value of more than 2 billion yuan and pay more than 100 million yuan in taxes.

Key-point is committed to creating a digital factory, with a modern production base of 150,000 square meters, equipped with automatic coating line, digital punch, automatic assembly line, large-scale die casting production line and other high-end production equipment and first-class testing equipment, with the help of professional data analysis and information management system, Enabling product research and development, order planning, warehousing and logistics, intelligent manufacturing, technical support, service guarantee and other links, to achieve timely and accurate delivery of orders, the establishment of an intelligent factory with efficient utilization of resources, to provide customers with efficient, timely and accurate one-stop comprehensive service.

Key-point take honestly as this, pay attention to product quality, to production safety as own duty, thanks to the company management systematized and institutionalized, no major production safety accidents, quality, environmental protection, in zhejiang province has been rated as AAA obey the contract heavy credit enterprise, credit management model enterprise of jiaxing city, 2021 year China real estate industry chain strategic leading enterprise in good faith The enterprise has good credit and has been recognized and supported by customers, industry and government.

As a developing-oriented manufacturing enterprise with high growth, Xingsamsung will continue to deepen technological research and development in the future, constantly improve innovation ability, enhance core competitiveness, and take the completion and operation of the second phase of the project as an opportunity to give full play to its advantages in production capacity and scale, and actively play a leading role in promoting high-quality development of private economy.