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Star information | samsung occupational skill level evaluation work

Recently, with samsung to good corporate benefits, the mature decision on occupational skill level management system, perfect training system through haining human resources and social security bureau of audit evaluation, rating companies to become a professional skills, have stamping workers work and three categories of roll casting engineering jobs, fitter jobs for examination and assessment of professional skill level qualification, and issue certificate approved by the national level.

Vocational skill grade recognition refers to the act of evaluating the skill level of laborers and issuing vocational skill grade certificates according to the national vocational skill standards or vocational skill evaluation norms filed by the human resources and social security departments. Holders of vocational skill certificates enjoy the same policy treatment as holders of national vocational qualification certificates, such as vocational training, employment and entrepreneurship, and skilled personnel.

Xingsamsung currently has more than 1200 employees, including nearly 500 stamping workers, casting and rolling workers, fitter workers, is an important position in the production line of the company. In order to better stimulate the learning enthusiasm of front-line skilled personnel, improve the professional quality of employees, and improve work efficiency, the company has successively opened vocational skill level special training for bench work, die casting and stamping since April 2022. For example, there are 18 training courses, such as precision and ¬ reading method of common measuring Tools used by fitter, Production Safety Technology, Basic Knowledge of Stamping, Theoretical Knowledge of Die Casting Machine, etc., providing all-round skills training from both theoretical knowledge and practical operation.

After the training and evaluation, the qualified students will be evaluated as intermediate (level 4), senior (level 3) professional qualification certificate, and some employees will be selected to participate in the evaluation of technician (level 2) professional qualification, which will greatly improve the professional skill level of the company's frontline staff, so that employees accumulate in the work and develop in learning.

Samsung actively carry out vocational skills rating, which can effectively promote the company staff skill level evaluation and training, use, incentive cohesion, promote skill talent training quality and quantity, improve the level of company staff's professional quality and professional skills, to promote the construction of the knowledge and technical skills, innovative talent team to lay the foundation, conveying inexhaustible driving force for the company development, Train more skilled personnel for social development.