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Star information | Key-point has 2021 jiaxing credit management model enterprise

Recently, according to the "Jiaxing Enterprise Association [2021] No. 3 _ on the announcement of 2021" Jiaxing City credit management Demonstration enterprise "decision, Xing SAN Nebula Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded 2021 Jiaxing City credit management demonstration enterprise.

Credit management demonstration enterprise

Credit management demonstration enterprise is the evaluation of enterprise in customer credit management including credit management organization, credit management implementation, credit management effect and its own credit management including credit accumulation, credit ability and so on, and is the recognition and affirmation of enterprise credit management work.

Xing Samsung has been adhering to the good faith management, actively carry out standardized management work, based on the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system, two integration management system and other systems operation, scientific operation and management. According to the needs of customers, we provide full life cycle services, apply CRM customer service system, ERP management system, OA collaborative office and other eight management systems, from pre-sale, sale, after-sales all-round tracking, to ensure accurate delivery of orders, committed to create zero distance service, zero customer complaints customer service system.

Samsung has always been the credit management as a top priority, has established a sound credit management system, such as "contract the standard version of the official letter is in the control system", "qualified suppliers management system", the system of procurement bidding management, order plan the performance management system, the after-sales service management system, the system of customer satisfaction survey management, etc. The effective operation of a series of management systems, the procurement of raw materials to product sales process strict management; And actively carry out customer credit status, satisfaction survey, adhere to achieve a win-win situation with customers.

In the past 34 years, Key-point will credit construction and enterprise management depth integration, with high-quality service, good corporate reputation, won the Zhejiang PROVINCE AAA grade contract heavy credit enterprise, China's real estate industry chain strategic integrity leader, enterprise credit rating AAA honor, comprehensive strength continues to improve.

In the future,Key-point will continue to deepen the construction of corporate credit, continue to improve the credit management system, enhance the credibility, popularity and reputation of the enterprise, actively promote the enterprise integrity management, scientific management, give full play to the demonstration leading role, through high standard of credit management to achieve high-quality development of the enterprise.