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Introduction to hardware purchase of high quality doors, windows and curtain walls

Hardware accessories are an important part of building doors, windows and curtain walls. The neglect of hardware accessories will directly affect the firmness and safety of doors, windows and curtain walls. The use of poor quality hardware accessories will bring hidden dangers to the safety of the building itself and personal safety. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the quality of door, window and curtain wall hardware when selecting.

How to buy high-quality door, window and curtain wall hardware? Let's discuss it today!
Necessary conditions for high-quality door, window and curtain wall hardware
Basic Requirements

When purchasing high-quality door, window and curtain wall hardware, in addition to meeting the physical and mechanical properties of doors and windows, the following conditions should be met:
(1) Easy operation, single point control, various opening functions can be realized by changing the position of the handle;
(2) Standardization and serialization enable door and window enterprises and construction companies to install quickly;
(3) Adjustability;
(4) Strong bearing capacity;
(5) High safety;
(6) Widely used;
(7) Strong applicability.
How to buy high quality door, window and curtain wall hardware
Selection Guide

When purchasing high-quality door, window and curtain wall hardware, in addition to meeting the standards of high-quality accessories, pay attention to the following points:
(1) Select products with guaranteed quality. The quality grade of hardware accessories shall be consistent with the quality grade of doors and windows. The hardware accessories of professional big brands are relatively guaranteed, and only professional manufacturers can strictly control the product quality from technical research and development to production.
(2) The structure and shape of hardware accessories shall be consistent with the profile, with coordinated and beautiful color, correct function, flexible operation and convenient installation. The installation of hardware fittings shall be complete, standard, reliable and accurate. After installation, the doors and windows shall have beautiful appearance, flexible and convenient opening, without deformation, obstruction and collision.

(3) The most important thing of hardware fittings is material. For example, stainless steel products shall be preferred for exposed fasteners. Good material is durable, not easy to deform and rust, and the service life of hardware fittings will naturally be long.
(4) When selecting from the appearance, pay attention to check whether there are defects in the appearance, how the electroplating luster is, and whether the hand feel is smooth.
(5) The process of hardware accessories is also very important. For example, whether the chute is smooth and whether the switch is tight is related to the hardware process. Only the hardware with guaranteed material and process is the hardware with quality. Each different hardware accessory has different functions, so the points to pay attention to in detail are also different.

(6) Whether to take the system window as the standard, the system window needs to consider a series of important indexes such as water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance and mechanical strength of doors and windows, which puts forward higher requirements for the performance and quality of products, especially hardware accessories.
(7) Regardless of any brand, hardware installation, commissioning and after-sales maintenance are important parts that determine performance. Therefore, hardware enterprises with comprehensive marketing network, technical support system, installation guidance system and after-sales service system should be selected.
High quality door, window and curtain wall hardware is selected from Samsung

Over the past 33 years, Samsung has been deeply engaged in the field of door, window and curtain wall hardware. As a leader in the door, window and curtain wall hardware industry, it is full of innovative spirit, excellent product R & D and design ability and superb technology, making the product quality well-known.
The company has a global marketing network and has established more than 80 regional service centers, which can provide one-stop brand services in the whole process according to different needs of customers.

For more than 30 years, xingsamsung has been widely praised by the industry for its excellent quality and high-quality service. It has won the honors of Vanke A-class supplier, excellent supplier of Ocean Group, excellent supplier of Greenland Hong Kong win-win plan, the ninth batch of long-term partner of joint procurement of green real estate of China City Alliance, etc, It has been rated as one of the top ten most influential hardware brands of doors, windows and curtain walls in China's construction industry for 7 consecutive years and the preferred supplier of China's top 500 real estate development enterprises for 4 consecutive years.
In the future, Samsung will continue to practice the purpose of "providing customers with products with soul and services with temperature", focus on the demands of safety, energy conservation and environmental protection in the door, window and curtain wall industry, constantly push through the old and bring forth the new based on humanized design, meet consumers' pursuit of quality life, and integrate the architectural space and environment harmoniously.