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Zhejiang issued a manual for inspection of hidden dangers in housing safety

 To help promote the urban and rural areas since the building safety rectification and third province town houses hidden perils in safety, the implementation of house property owners and users to perform the safety first person responsibility, further consummate the housing use safe long-term mechanism, fully launched grassroots workers and the masses to actively participate in the building hidden perils in safety work, recently, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and other departments jointly issued the "Zhejiang Province Housing safety hidden dangers Inspection (self-inspection) Manual" (hereinafter referred to as the manual), through strengthening the publicity and implementation of housing safety knowledge, promote the special investigation and rectification of housing construction safety hidden dangers.

The Manual focuses on the basic knowledge of the house, common safety risks, how to find the hidden risks, typical case analysis and other contents, and simplifies and imagizes the professional knowledge. By scanning the QR code, you can watch the relevant video, quickly master the knowledge of house safety and accurately find the hidden dangers of house safety. It plays an important role in implementing the safety responsibility of individuals, legal persons, enterprises and institutions, improving the people's awareness of house safety and improving the self-inspection ability of house safety risks.

Housing safety, related to the safety of people's lives and property, related to social harmony and stability, is an important basis for the high-quality development and construction of common prosperity demonstration zone in Zhejiang Province. All the time, Zhejiang province attaches great importance to the work of housing safety, has issued the "Zhejiang Province Housing use safety management Regulations" "Zhejiang Province rural Housing Construction management Measures", build up the province's housing use safety of the basic system and policy, many times to carry out the investigation and management of urban and rural housing safety hazards. Recently, the zhejiang province organized a series of complete province since the building safety rectification activities, has issued an urgent notice, deployment in the province of urban and rural since building rectification work, a province of housing and urban-rural construction system of safe production will again urged again to carry out the video, released the province since the building safety rectification implementation plan, etc.

Across zhejiang province housing and construction requirements, must strengthen the housing use safety knowledge popularization, the public through the government website, news media promotion, publicity, personnel training and so on a variety of ways to promote community "manual", effectively improve the safe use of the consciousness of the building, people to create "everyone understand security, civil air defense" good atmosphere of society.

We will promote the implementation of the primary responsibility of housing property owners and users. Urge the owners and users of house property rights to strictly perform the responsibility of house safety, use the house strictly in accordance with the purpose of the design, resolutely put an end to unauthorized reconstruction, expansion, add floors, illegal decoration and other acts that damage the safety of the house, and seriously investigate and punish the illegal construction, renovation and expansion found.

We will make all-out efforts to identify and control hidden dangers in housing. On the investigation of suspected dangerous houses, we must take practical and effective safety precautions to ensure the safety of people's lives, do investigation, while governance, strictly prevent safety accidents, strive to create a "live in, live in safety" brand of "Zhejiang How to live", to meet the party's 20th victory.