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Star information | chase red roots Carry forward the spirit of the red boat - samsung party learning activities

To celebrate the 101th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of China and trace the party struggle history, improve the party members' responsibility to heart, fulfillment of liability in the body, responsibilities in the party spirit training, the communist party of China (with three nebula technology co., LTD. Branch on June 25th to party's birthplace of south lake in jiaxing, organized a "chase red roots Carry forward the spirit of the red boat "the theme of the party member learning activities. Twenty-three representatives, including Dong Yong, secretary of the Party branch, official party members, probationary party members and active party members, participated in the event.

Small red ship carrying thousands of jun, sowed the flame of the Chinese revolution, opened the Chinese Communist Party's trans-century voyage. Jiaxing South Lake is not only the birthplace of the Communist Party of China, but also the place where the first National Congress of the Communist Party of China was held. It is the birthplace of the revolutionary ideal of the Chinese Communists.

In this activity, we successively went to jiaxing Revolutionary martyrs cemetery, Nanhu Revolutionary Memorial Hall, Yanyu Building, worshipped the revolutionary heroes and martyrs, reviewed the oath of party membership and the birth course of the Communist Party of China, and paid respects to the revolutionary red boat ripening in Nanhu. Through old photos and precious historical materials, we have traced the revolutionary footprints of Chinese Communists up close, and deeply felt the CPC's pioneering spirit, unswerving struggle to firm up ideals, and dedication to serving the public and the people. It strengthened the goal of "unswervingly following the Party and forging ahead in the new era hand in hand", vigorously promoted the study and education of Party history, and educated party members with the great spirit of party building.

Xiushui grand, red ship still; Times change, the spirit is eternal. The Party branch of The Communist Party of China xing Three Nebula Technology Co., Ltd. will be led by the spirit of red boat, give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of the Communist Party of China, based on the present study, understand well, implement the spirit of the report of the 15th Party Congress of Zhejiang Province; Starting from their own positions, to a higher standard of their own, lead the majority of employees to the initiative, struggle, dedication into the actual work.

Struggle is the wind is sailing, timely. On the basis of careful epidemic prevention and control, Xingsamsung will ensure the smooth operation of the second phase production base project of Haining Headquarters, and continue to practice the core values of co-creation, win-win and symbiosis. Fully grasp the five strategic guidelines, do in practice, walk in the forefront, brave leader, with practical action to lay a foundation for the company's high-quality development, vigorously promote the high-quality development of doors, Windows and curtain wall hardware industry.