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On September 26, 2021, the celebration ceremony of the new site of Xingxing Samsung cloud technology North operation center was grandly held in Beijing! Chen weiqi, vice president of xingsamsung cloud technology, Zhang Chao, vice president and marketing director Zhao Guoqiang, sun hongqun, general manager of strategic operation Department, Zhao Guoqing, general manager of northern regional operation Department, Peng Shuncheng, general manager of North China regional operation Department, Li Bin, manager of Beijing Service Center, and leaders and guests of xingsamsung strategic partners and industry authorities attended the celebration.

Zhang Xichen, director of the national curtain wall door and window supervision and inspection center, Quan Yanling, Secretary General of Beijing Building hardware door and window curtain wall industry association, and other leading guests attended the ceremony and delivered congratulations to jointly congratulate the opening of the new site of Samsung North operation center.

Vice president Zhang Chao made a concluding speech. President Zhang first extended his heartfelt thanks to all the guests and friends attending the ceremony and congratulated the opening of the new site of the North operation center. President Zhang said that as one of the key development areas of the company's market strategy, the northern region is located in Gyeonggi, covering five provinces, regions and cities, and its geographical location is very important. The opening of the northern operation center and Northern warehousing and logistics center will drive and improve the whole northern regional market to a new high.

After the official opening of the new site of xingsamsung North operation center and North logistics storage center, it will take Beijing as the center, radiate the northeast, North China and other regions, respond more timely, logistics more convenient, and provide more high-quality and efficient services for more customers in the future. Xing Samsung will adhere to the core values of "common creation, win-win and symbiosis" and grow and develop together with industry partners! Provide customers with soul products and temperature services!