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Xingxin Samsung won the "2021 black Technology Innovation Model Award for finding real estate supply chain"

2021 · crepc excellent mining "gold mining supply chain cooperation conference" was held in Shenzhen, the engine city of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District, on September 11. Xing Samsung cloud technology, as a major supplier in the door and window industry, was invited to attend the conference. Sun hongqun, general manager of the strategic operation Department, delivered a speech with the theme of "building safety, energy conservation and protection". The company's latest product, milling free European standard sliding brace, won the "2021 black Technology Innovation Model Award for real estate supply chain".

The fifth stop of the annual supply chain cooperation conference was in Shenzhen. Focusing on the upgrading of real estate product power, it launched the supply chain black technology competition, invited representatives of the top 100 real estate companies to conduct on-site review, solicited real estate companies' purchase intentions for supplier categories, discussed innovative ideas for real estate cooperation, realized the accurate docking between high-quality suppliers, service providers and brand real estate companies, and carried out high-quality and efficient cooperation.

At the meeting, sun hongqun, general manager of Samsung's strategic operation Department, held a black technology speech contest with the theme of "building safety, energy conservation and protection". She first analyzed the impact of the 2020 new national standard GB / t8478-2020 aluminum alloy doors and windows on the door and window hardware industry, and discussed how the hardware industry can adapt to the new national standard through auxiliary accessories, how to improve the safety of doors and windows Energy saving and other aspects are described in detail, such as xingsamsung's development and use of fall arresters and limiters to avoid falling events of doors and windows and prevent children from falling from windows.
The groove free European standard sliding support HPR / L14 independently developed by Xing Samsung solves the major pain points of the traditional sliding support: that is, the traditional sliding support not only needs to mill the groove, but also the aluminum material is exposed on the surface, which greatly affects the aesthetic degree, has no positioning in function, large installation error, weak, time-consuming, small load-bearing and poor safety.

Milling free groove European standard sliding support HPR / L14, using copper slider: wear-resistant, noise reduction, can bear 60kg; Innovative chute design, not easy to accumulate water; Milling free groove design, convenient installation; It is divided into left and right design, and the locking is reliable, safe and anti-theft. HPR / L14 perfectly solves the problems of cumbersome process, damage to profile and low efficiency during the installation of traditional sliding brace, and effectively improves the construction efficiency.

In this conference, a total of 16 high-quality construction suppliers participated in the election, and the competition was extremely fierce. The on-site evaluation experts were all from the procurement elites of well-known real estate enterprises to score the "darkest technology" in the supply chain. The milling free European standard sliding support HPR / L14 of xingsamsung cloud technology was highly recognized by the on-site judges and won the "2021 black Technology Innovation Model Award for real estate supply chain".
Finally, Yang Weijiang, Deputy Secretary General of China Real Estate Association, presented the honorary trophy to xingsamsung cloud technology. This honor is not only an affirmation of xingsamsung cloud technology, but also encourages xingsamsung to continuously improve intelligent innovation, promote high-quality development and actively explore the development trend of doors and windows in the future, so as to make doors and windows steadily enter the era of smart home!