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Star | Key-point selected material preferred recommended brand of honor

The year 2022 is a crucial year for the 14th Five-year Plan. The door, window and curtain wall industry will provide a strong driving force in the process of achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality, promoting the comprehensive green and low-carbon transformation and realizing high-quality development.

In order to promote the collaboration and innovation of real estate and curtain wall industry chain, the first Zhejiang Real Estate and Curtain wall Industry Innovation Forum was successfully held in Hangzhou on January 11th, which was co-organized by Xing SAN Nebula Technology Co., LTD. Chen Weiqi, vice president of Xingsan Nebula Technology Co., LTD., and Hua Jinyan, general manager of southeast Region attended the meeting.

Mr. Zhang Xu, executive Director of C21 Summit, general planner of Zhejiang Doors and Windows curtain Wall Network, deputy secretary general of Industrial Cooperation Professional Committee of China Real Estate Association, addressed the conference.

Zhejiang doors and Windows curtain wall network chief planning Zhang Xu, China curtain wall network chief editor Leiming, China curtain wall engineering network chief editor Tang Qi, Sina real estate network chief editor Zhao Mingyu jointly for the "Zhejiang Province real estate and doors and Windows curtain wall industry development report" started the unveiling.

"Development Report" will be based on basic data, interpretation of policies and regulations in Zhejiang, analysis of zhejiang real estate market and supporting data of doors, Windows and curtain wall materials, comprehensive display of Zhejiang enterprise processing data, assembly base, intelligent production, intelligent construction site, design consulting, digital transformation and other content. Provide value judgment basis for the industry development in Zhejiang province.

The results of "zhejiang Curtain Wall (Doors and Windows) Recommended Brand Activity in 2020-2021" were announced in the forum.

Key-point won the "2020-2021 Zhejiang Building curtain wall (Doors and Windows) material preferred recommended brand" unit. Mr. Zhu Deming, chairman of Suzhou Building Metal Structure Association, Mr. Zhao Zhigang, chairman of Xiamen Survey and Design Association Steel Structure and curtain wall Branch, awarded the honor to the units of "preferred recommended brand of materials" and "Preferred recommended brand of home doors and Windows".

2020-2021 Zhejiang Curtain Wall (Doors and Windows) recommended brand activity

In order to further implement the "19" new development concept, to promote our province building doors and Windows, curtain wall industry peak in "carbon, carbon neutral" strategic depth in advance, continuously promoting the value of the industrial chain, to realize the popularization and application of green building materials products, and further improve our province building doors and Windows, curtain wall and related accessories industry in the national influence, promote the development of industry, high quality, Zhejiang Curtain Wall network jointly with China curtain Wall network, China curtain Wall Engineering network, Sina real estate network organized the "2020-2021 Zhejiang curtain wall (doors and Windows) brand recommendation activity.

This activity does not charge any fees, to rigorous and serious, fair and just attitude of the basic data reported by the application enterprise scientific analysis, organization of experts to review, the selection of "2020-2021 Zhejiang curtain wall (doors and Windows) ten recommended brands", material preferred recommended brands and home doors and Windows preferred recommended brands.

Brand strength and honor are accompanied by each other, each honor is the affirmation of brand strength, but also for the brand, for the product value. Key-point has been focusing on the curtain wall, doors and Windows and door control hardware accessories manufacturing and services, to provide high-quality building hardware products and related technical consulting, actively respond to the national call to promote the green building materials product certification, strictly accept the authority of the inspection.

The future, and Key-point will give full play to their own advantages, actively develop new technologies, new processes, new products, strengthen the enterprise's core competitiveness, promote the Windows and doors curtain wall hardware industry of new and high technology industrialization, achieve the popularization and application of green building materials products, strive to industry contribution to the development of more powerful and Key-point's power, create new resplendence industry.