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Zhu Jiusheng revealed vanke's future action plan: development business to stop falling and stabilize

     On June 28, Vanke's general meeting of shareholders was held in Shenzhen Vanke Center. Zhu Jiusheng, Vanke's president and CEO, reported vanke's future action plan, saying that Vanke would continue to adhere to the sound operation, maintain a healthy financial position, and continue to strengthen cash flow management. Continue to optimize the debt structure and financing costs; Adhere to the "green" and industry-leading credit rating.
He said that Vanke will coordinate development and operation through the development and operation department, give full play to the centralized management function of the development and operation department, and realize the stabilization of development business. Including: improving the level of serialization and standardization of integrated settlement products; Coordinate internal and external professional strengths of the Group to complete major and complex projects; Precise investment, improve investment quality, strengthen post-investment management, from the source to ensure future performance; Strengthen the construction of marketing force and promote the transformation of resources.
In terms of business services, According to Zhu Jiusheng, Vanke will also continue to improve operational efficiency and competitiveness. Among them, all Things Cloud will continue to grow organically and steadily. It plans to achieve a 25% increase in residential property income, 35% increase in all things Liangxing, and 45% increase in all things for home. Logistics and warehousing business revenue maintained an increase of more than 35%, further improve the warehouse network layout, take the lead in cold chain business, provide good service to customers, and constantly improve project operation efficiency and benefits. Rental housing consolidates the capability advantage of "production planning, construction and operation" of rental housing, expands the management scale of rental housing, and maintains the leading position in the industry in terms of scale and operation efficiency. Yinli will maintain revenue and project operating profit growth, continuously consolidate the advantage of asset light expansion, and expand the competitive advantage of the new generation of products. (Xu Qian)