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Ingenious craftsman's product | invisible hinge (hinge) for aluminum alloy window yh03

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Xing Sanxing

Invisible hinge (hinge)

Hinge, also known as hinge, is a mechanical device used to connect two solids and allow relative rotation between them. The hinge is mainly installed on the doors and windows, and the hinge is more installed on the cabinet. Its function is to bring cushioning function when the doors and windows and cabinet doors are closed, so as to minimize the noise caused by collision with the main body when closing.
In order to solve the problems that the traditional hinge is exposed and affects the window sash aesthetics, and the hinge needs to be processed and cut to affect the window sash air tightness, Xing Samsung has developed this invisible hinge (hinge) yh03 for aluminum alloy window, which can be widely used in various series of European standard profiles.

With ingenuity and excellent quality, yh03 has been applied to Vanke Yunlu, Haitang hospital, Jinhui City, merchants Beitang and other projects to help the process of urbanization and practice the corporate mission of xingsamsung.

In addition to continuous market praise, yh03 was rated as the recommended product of building door and window accessories in 2020 with beautiful design, outstanding performance and excellent quality, and has been highly recognized by the industry in the professional field.

Where is the mystery of yh03? Let's look down:

Over the past 30 years, Xing Samsung has unswervingly adhered to independent research and development, exquisite product design and excellent quality. Up to now, nearly 100 products of the company have been listed as national recommended products by the building door and window hardware accessories Committee of China Building Metal Structure Association.

In the future, the company will continue to invest a lot of human and material resources in design and R & D, take humanized design as the basic point, strive to design safe, energy-saving and environmental protection products, meet consumers' needs for quality life, and integrate the building space and environment harmoniously.