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Haining Mayor Xu Honglian and his party investigated Key-point

On January 9, 2022, at the beginning of the New Year, Mayor Xu Honglian of Haining city, Vice Mayor Wang Yiming and Secretary Xia Sunxiang of Huangwan Town visited Key-point to investigate and learn about the production and operation situation of the enterprise and the investment progress of the second phase project. Chairman Tu Shishun, Vice President Chen Weiqi and Vice President Zhang Chao accompanied and received them.

Chairman Tu Shishun extended a warm welcome to Mayor Xu Honglian and his delegation for their visit to Xing SAN Xingyun Technology Co., LTD at the beginning of 2022, and thanked Haining city and Huangwan Town for their care and support for Key-point's development.

Vice President Zhang Chao introduced the development of Xingsamsung to Mayor Xu Honglian and his party. In 2021, Xingsamsung achieved an increase of more than 30% in output value. The second phase production base project is progressing according to plan, and is scheduled to be put into operation in 2022. The company is making steady progress in preparation for listing, and has carried out the first phase of employee stock ownership plan. Won provincial R & D center, green building materials products and other honors and system certification.


Mayor Xu Honglian fully affirmed the steady development of Key-point in recent years, especially in the digital, intelligent construction, promote common prosperity of action and effectiveness; At the same time pointed out that Key-point to firm confidence, accelerate the pace of development; We will increase investment in RESEARCH and development and focus on innovative development. Step up listing and plan transformation and upgrading in the high-end field. The Party committee and government will work together with enterprises to solve development problems, coordinate various resources, build supporting basic conditions, speed up the upgrading of the platform, and help enterprises realize transformation and leap.

In 2022, Key-point will actively respond to the call and requirements of The Year of Investment and Development, The Year of innovation and Development and the Year of reform and development of Haining, accelerate the construction of the second phase production base project, focus on improving the level of enterprise management, accelerate the market layout and adjustment, empower enterprise development and contribute to the economic and social development of Haining.

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