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On September 23, 2021, under the guidance of China Real Estate Association, Shanghai E-House Real Estate Research Institute and China real estate evaluation center, the "2021 China real estate enterprise brand value evaluation results conference" was held in Chengdu. Industry experts, scholars, as well as representatives of excellent brand real estate enterprises and supplier enterprises participated in the event.

This brand value research also introduces the dimension of supplier satisfaction for the first time, and the brand value of real estate enterprises has been further improved. At the same time, we also conducted in-depth research on the brand value dimension of suppliers. With strong brand competitiveness, Xing Samsung cloud Technology Co., Ltd. won the "2021 China real estate preferred supplier technology innovation brand".

Xingsanxing cloud Technology Co., Ltd., formerly Zhejiang xingsanxing Hardware Co., Ltd., was founded in 1988, focusing on the manufacturing and service of curtain wall, door and window and door control hardware accessories, and providing high-quality building hardware products and related technical consulting. It is a designated manufacturer of building door, window and curtain wall hardware in China, one of the top ten brands of door, window and curtain wall hardware in China, a high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province, an AAA contract abiding and trustworthy unit in Zhejiang Province, a famous trademark in Zhejiang Province, a famous brand product in Zhejiang Province, etc.

The company takes "manufacturing high-quality products and serving the world" as its business philosophy and "making top hardware and building a century old famous enterprise" as its vision. It has sales service agencies all over the country, and its sales network covers all provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and special administrative regions. Its products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions. At present, Xing Samsung has a large number of domestic and foreign patents, product R & D, process manufacturing data analysis and management systems, automatic coating lines, intelligent robot large die-casting production lines and other high-end equipment to provide customers with high-quality product guarantee and maintain long-term partners with many world-famous developers.

Xing Samsung focuses on the safety, energy conservation and environmental protection needs of the door, window and curtain wall industry, takes humanized design as the basis, constantly pushes through the old and brings forth the new, meets the needs of consumers for high-quality life, and harmoniously integrates the architectural space and the environment.
Research on brand value evaluation of Chinese real estate enterprises in 2021
Background and significance
In recent years, as China's economic development has entered the high-quality development stage from the high-speed growth stage, the competition in the real estate industry has become increasingly fierce, the market concentration has been continuously improved, and the overall development is moving towards intensive development. The importance of brand to enterprises has become more prominent. Many real estate enterprises pay attention to the overflow effect and cost advantage brought by brand value. Strengthening brand strategy, improving brand system construction and comprehensively improving brand competitiveness have become important contents of enterprise development.
In this context, under the guidance of China real estate industry association, China real estate evaluation center of Shanghai E-House Real Estate Research Institute comprehensively uses brand theory, value evaluation theory and relevant research results to evaluate the brand value of real estate enterprises, and has held the activity of "brand value evaluation of Chinese real estate enterprises" for 11 consecutive years The 2021 Research Report on brand value evaluation of Chinese real estate enterprises publishes the 2021 ranking list and related lists of brand value of Chinese real estate development enterprises. With professional and in-depth research, objective and fair results, it provides cultivation ideas and value models for real estate enterprises to deepen brand strategy, and also provides important reference basis for brand construction and improvement of real estate enterprises.