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Star information | Xingsan Nebula science and Technology the second phase of school recruitment nova training camp started

On June 28th, the launching ceremony of xingsan Nebula Science and Technology's second phase recruiting star training camp was held in haining headquarters. More than 60 people, including Vice President Zhang Chao, production director Jin Mingxing, department managers of the headquarters and fresh graduates, attended the launching ceremony.

Samsung Has entered the final phase of its 2022 school recruitment plan, and so far it has introduced nearly 170 graduates of the class of 2022. After systematic training, the graduates of the first new Star training camp have been assigned to technical research and development, marketing, production, planning and other positions. Their outstanding performance in the work has won recognition and affirmation from various departments, adding vitality to the effective operation and long-term development of the company.

As an important part of Xing Samsung's 2022 annual school recruitment training plan, the second phase of school recruitment training camp plays a key role in connecting the past and the future. This period of New Star training camp added courses such as military training quality development, typical application scenarios of doors, Windows and curtain walls hardware products, non-violent communication, industry market situation analysis and so on, which are more comprehensive and practical. In addition, we will combine online and offline, teaching questions and answers, situational drills, on-site teaching and other methods to vividly display the course content and maximize the training effect.

More than 50 graduates in 2022 are from more than 30 universities majoring in marketing, machinery manufacturing, business administration, English, accounting, architectural environment design, logistics management, etc. After 12 days of off-job study, they will comprehensively improve their basic skills, general abilities and professional knowledge, and complete the role transformation from students to employees.

Juck vice President in his speech to the second phase of the school recruit new star camp classmates expressed warm welcome, and learn from, persistence, positioning three aspects proposed the hope, hope every join samsung employees can through efforts to achieve personal growth, find self worth and lambe, create, win-win and symbiosis with xing samsung.

In recent years, Xing Samsung has achieved leapfrog development, always adhering to the concept of respecting talents, shaping talents and achieving talents, and constantly increasing the introduction and training of talents. At present, the second phase of xing Samsung recruitment nova training camp is in orderly progress, and the third phase of nova training camp is in orderly preparation as planned. It is expected to open on July 11, which will transport 200 fresh blood for the company, cultivate sufficient reserves of talents for the company, and lay a more solid foundation for the company's high-quality development.