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Rich and diverse forms and material changes make every building colorful. The subtle change of architecture itself is only a ladder, which is ultimately to make the building live in harmony with the environment and people.
Helping others build their lives may truly change others' life experience, which is the humanized design pursued by Xing Samsung.

Public buildings are buildings for people to carry out various public activities, generally including office buildings, commercial buildings, tourism buildings, science, education, culture and health buildings, communication buildings, transportation buildings, etc. they have the functions of space composition, functional zoning, people flow organization and evacuation.
As the promoter of the national urbanization process, Xing Samsung makes full use of its own technical advantages and process characteristics to help all kinds of public buildings and contribute to urban construction.
Hangzhou Zhijiang Laboratory

Founded on September 6, 2017, Zhijiang laboratory is located in the core of the science and innovation corridor in the west of Hangzhou. It is a major scientific and technological innovation platform for Zhejiang provincial Party committee and provincial government to deeply implement the innovation driven development strategy and explore the Zhejiang path of a new national system.

With the goal of "building a national strategic scientific and technological force", the laboratory is led by the people's Government of Zhejiang Province, implements the operation structure of "one body, two cores and multiple points", focuses on five scientific research directions: intelligent perception, artificial intelligence, intelligent network, intelligent computing and intelligent system, and focuses on cutting-edge basic research, key technology research and development of core systems, Build large-scale scientific and technological infrastructure and major scientific research platforms, and seize the high point of intelligent computing strategy supporting the development of smart society in the future. At present, Zhijiang laboratory has been approved to lead the construction of intelligent science and Technology Laboratory in Zhejiang Province.

Xing Samsung provided Hangzhou Zhijiang laboratory with sz62a handle, sz62b handle, sch22 upper suspension support, cdg06 aluminum rod and other products, which improved the durability, sealing and firmness of Zhijiang laboratory doors and windows, and helped build a world-class new R & D institution.
At the narrow intersection with the city, Xing Sanxing uses a variety of hardware accessories to organically combine with urban buildings, inject humanized soul into the architectural space and create a free and comfortable spatial experience for people.